Iran, the city of filters  

In the country in which I was born accidentally, everything is filtered in a
weird way. Lots of good things are bad in here
Who are filtered?
Satellites, internet, books, movies, music and above all PEOPLE.
Like in what subjects?
Being a female, laughing, dancing, being happy and smiley, loving, using
any color except black, gray and very dark brown, seeing the good in
others and in life, being healthy and energetic , not being depressed,
sharing your success and happiness with others, being beautiful, etc.
By manipulating wrong beliefs, negative thinking models, toxic
relationships, etc
I don’t know what are the exact causes of this sick society and It’s never
enough talking about the reasons for they are expanding as days go
by, but I am sure of one very impo

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نحوه ریکاوری فایل و عکس در ویندوز 10  

یکی از اشتباهاتی که ممکن است برای هر یک از شما اتفاق افتاده باشد حذف فایل ها و عکس های مهم است. خوب است بدانید شما می توانید با بهره گیری از قابلیت System Restore برای ریکاوری فایل در ویندوز 10 اقدام نمایید. برای شروع عبارت Create a restore point را در کنترل پنل جست و جو کرده و پنجره ی مربوط به آن را باز کنید. از تب System protection درایو مورد نظر را انتخاب کرده و Configure را بزنید و بعد Turn on system protection را فعال کنید. در آخر هم Ok را بزنید تا تنظیمات ذخیره شود. اکنون قابلیت فعال

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گلاره ناظمی  

Iran - October 17, 2018 09:00Gelareh NazemiIran’s refereeing pioneerPhoto and report courtesy: FIFA.comGelareh Nazemi, Iran’s refereeing pioneer16 Oct 2018- The Iranian will take charge of the women’s final at Buenos Aires 2018- She is the first woman from her country to work at a FIFA futsal event- “Showing men I could do it was a motivating factor,” she saidSitting in a lounge on the 24th floor of a hotel in central Buenos Aires, Gelareh Nazemi conveys a certain shyness, which stands in contrast to the confidence she demonstrates when dealing with matters on a futsal court. But, contrary to being interviewed, refereeing is a passion for Nazemi, who is the first Iranian to officiate at a FIFA-run futsal tournament.A veritable trailblazer in her homeland, the 34-year-old is

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